Monthly subscription - weakly maintenance

Boomer: € 60 p.m.

Doodle: € 80 p.m.

Discount on full treatment: € 15

Bi-weekly maintenance

Boomer: € 40 p.m.

Doodle: € 55 p.m.

Discount on full treatment: € 15


  • Can be cancelled monthly
  • Brushing appointments are planned 4 weeks ahead at minimum.
  • At the 4th appointment we will plan another 4 weeks ahead.
  • Payment at the first appointment of the month.
  • At full treatment, the brushing appointment will be cancelled.

Brushing subscriptions

Never shaved bald, visible eyes and always a dapper looking dog!

Brushing appears to be so easy. However, this can be quite disappointing at home. It takes time, patience and attention.

The cycle of trying, being frustrated, trying again and postponing the appointment will only bring misery. However, you would still like to keep your dog's coat long and you don't want a clean shaved dog back from the groomers.

When brushing just doesn't work at home, or you would rather hand this chore to your friendly neighbourhood grooming professional, come to us! A monthly subscription for the maintenance of your furry friend is the help you have been looking for!

You can choose to bring your dog weekly or every other week to the salon. Your dog will be in the salon for about an hour. Next to brushing, we will also keep the eyes and paw pads free from hair. We will groom the private parts for proper hygiene and the dog will get a nice perfume.

If you have a monthly subscription, you will get a discount on a full treatment.

Feel free to contact me to see what fits your situation!