About me

My name is Iris Boerée. I am married to my husband Daan. Together with our son Lucas and our dogs Nova and Abby we live in the beautiful city of Groningen.

It is my passion to work with dogs. Before I opened my pet salon, I was educated as groomer for domestic pets at the AOC Terra in Groningen. This study is licensed by the relevant authority. During my studies I have had classes for both the theory and practice of coat care, behaviour, allergies, parasites and coat disorders. I have interned in Harlingen at (formerly) Trimsalon Belle, where I have learned about the several grooming techniques.

To keep developing my craft and better master my trade, I regularly follow workshops, seminars and specialisation courses, and I participate in grooming contests.

During the grooming treatments, all dogs get their needed time and attention. This is to make sure that the dogs experience the least amount of stress, which also has a positive effect during the following treatments.

My goal is to have your dog walking out of the salon both happy and relaxed.